WARNING: There is an image in this article that some may consider graphic. The picture is at the very bottom of this article, so please read until further warning.


Here in Ohio, the weather can change quickly. But when Mother Nature finally decides that it’s time to turn up the heat, it is also time for us to remind pet owners that sometimes it’s best for our furry friends to stay home.

Can't decide if you should take your pet with you on your errands? Here's a flowchart to help you decide.

Can’t decide if you should take your pet with you on your errands? Here’s a flowchart to help you decide.

Year after year, during each Spring, the need arises to educate and remind people how quickly death can come to our pets due to being left in a hot car. Those of us in the industry of caring for pets, always hope that each year will be different, that this is the year that pet owners finally “get it”, and we won’t see any pets suffering from a heat stroke. Each year we are disappointed. Then we get angry. Why can’t owners get it? Do they think their pet is stronger than others so it won’t be affected the same? Smaller, larger, younger, older, long nose, short nose? What do these owners think their pet has, that makes them invincible? Or is it the thought that they’ll only be a minute in the store? “I won’t be long, Rover will be alright,” is the thought as the owner walks in, but then they run into an old friend and a conversation gets started. Or, you go into a store for a certain product and after searching for 5 minutes and you’re still unable to find it so you go ask an employee for help and then you have to wait another 5 minutes for them to finish what they’re doing. Then you spend 5 more minutes describing the item to the clerk and it takes them 10 minutes to find it in the back of the store. You have now been in the store for at least 25 minutes. On a trip you thought was going to be just a few minutes but turned into 25,  Rover has now been shut up in a car that started out at a comfortable 80°F, but has now escalated to 111°F within 25 minutes. If Rover is lucky enough, a stranger will have been keeping an eye on him and when your pet started showing signs of distress, that stranger did what they needed to do to save him.

You were warned

You were warned

And for those that haven’t heard, it is completely understandable and half expected, for your car windows to get busted to save your dog. Don’t want your windows busted, don’t leave your pet in a hot car, it’s really that simple.

So, the next time you have an errand to run, and you think it’s just going to be a minute…do your pet a favor and leave them in the comfort of your own home, so they”ll be there, alive and healthy, when you come right back!

P.S. Also be aware of hot, burning pavement as the temperature rises. You wouldn’t want to walk barefoot across blacktop, and they shouldn’t have to either.

WARNING: The following image may be considered as graphic by some viewers.

Don't make your pet endure this, be aware and be kind to them.

Don’t make your pet endure this, be aware and be kind to them.