Last week I was listening to the news while I was getting ready for work, and heard the newscasters talking about the astronaut, Scott Kelly, coming back to earth after being in space for a year and it got me thinking. Can you imagine being him, out in space, looking back at Earth? Viewing Earth from so far away would make me feel so small, just a speck in the solar system. Imagine in years to come, when space travel becomes the norm, and people are talking to each other and they start a sentence with, “One time, on Earth…” Makes you realize that this world really is quite small in the big scheme of things and that we are closer to each other now than we’ll ever be! In the future, our frame of mind when it comes to distance will change. For instance, when we’re traveling to other galaxies in the universe, a drive to California from Ohio will be nothing! Kind of makes me want to take a road trip right now!

Then I got to thinking about my community, and how much I love it here and I really don’t want to be anywhere else but good old Ohio. Out of the whole universe, I was lucky enough to be born here, a Buckeye! My neighbors and my community, really do care about each other, and although the media sells negativity, I see plenty of positivity. I see support groups, rescue groups and many individuals, helping one another. I see people paying it forward in many ways, every day. I love seeing that some of the small town ways are still surviving in the big city.

I just hope, that when space travel does become an everyday, normal thing to do, that we remember our neighbors and community and we still keep an eye out for each other. And let’s hope that Facebook’s page, Take Back Gahanna, is still telling us where’s the best place to eat Chinese, worst place for pizza,  which neighbor has let their grass grow too high and that Gahanna Animal Hospital has the best vets in the universe!